8 - The Power of Purpose w/ Marilu Shinn: Walking the Path with Sacredness

This week, we have the honor of speaking with Marilu Shinn, Medicine Woman of the Earth and student, Mesa Carrier, and healer of the Q’ero tradition of  the High Andes. Marilu was born and raised in Mexico City and grew up in parallel worlds, the contemporary Mexico and the eclipsed, old world of mysticism. She witnessed firsthand her grandmother’s Earth-based healing practices, which her grandmother then transmitted to her, along with the deeply embedded use of Plant Medicine & Ancestral Ceremony by the “Curanderos” (healers).

In this episode, Marilu offers her powerful wisdom on finding balance in walking the Medicine Path, how to study and practice in a lineage that is not in your bloodline, how to connect more deeply to your Sacred Purpose, what it means to find fulfillment beyond money and recognition, and how to be in service to plant teachers and our indigenous brothers and sisters. Marilu also talks about the Mesa tradition of the High Andes, which she was initiated into, and how it helped her uncover forgotten ancient wisdom and reclaim her ancestral roots. 

Marilu's inspiring story is an invitation for all of us to lean more deeply into alignment with our highest calling. Join us for this conversation as we learn from her experiences and insights.


In This Episode:

Marilu Shinn | @marilu.shinn | Kawak Energy Medicine

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa


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