Amazonian King Nettle Ortiga Tincture

Amazonian King Nettle Ortiga Tincture - tap into the healing benefits of working with this special elixir, made in divine prayer to support the release of stagnant energy and trauma.

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Amazonian King Nettle Ortiga Tincture, with regular use, can aid in releasing stagnant energy, trauma, and painful memories.

Ortiga, or King Nettle, is an incredibly healing plant therapy offered in the Ingano Plant Medicine Ceremonies as part of the healings. It is used to open the pores all over the body to help release stagnant energy, trauma, and painful memories from the body. 

King Nettle acts as a hemostatic, besides balancing the nervous systems, it stimulates the digestive system and helps the pancreas, gallbladder, and stomach work properly. 

From this powerful tincture, you get all the physical benefits while literally taking a part of the jungle home with you, having the opportunity to use this powerful medicine internally. 

Wonderfully healing for all blood issues, circulation problems, and nourishment of your cells. 

Four Visions is proud to carry this special tincture made by John Freddy Cepeda, one of Taita Juanito’s longest studying disciples. He is an incredible botanist and plant medicine practitioner and has created a superb, high-quality product for you to enjoy.

Ortiga (king nettle), distilled in organic cane alcohol.

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