1 - A Journey to Communing with Nature with Daniela Riojas.

Mariah Gannessa, founder and director of the Four Visions, welcomes Daniela Riojas, healer, educator, medicine keeper, musician and artist, to the podcast. Originally from the border of Texas and Mexico, Daniela is an experienced practitioner of ancestral practices of channeling and meditation, and has undergone extensive training and master plant diets with Indigenous elders. For years, Daniela has been traveling and creating ceremonial healing spaces for communities in diverse lands and countries. She is the founder of Intikhana Medicina, which provides ceremonial healing rooted in Indigenous and Earth-Based practices. 

In this episode, Daniela Riojas shares her story of her connection to nature and her journey to becoming a medicine woman. From a young age, Daniela felt a strong connection to Mother Nature and was drawn to exploring the deeper aspects of existence. This ultimately led her to explore the path of the plants and find her elders and teachers who she now studies with in the lineages of Cocama, Shipibo, Ashaninka, and Mestizo.  In the conversation, Daniela shares her insights on connecting to nature, the importance of listening to our intuition, and how to start and deepen our own journey with the plants.

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