2 - Reclaiming Our Roots: Ancestral Healing and Connection to Mother Earth with Mariana Mae

Mariana Mae is an artist, visionary, singer songwriter, and ceremonialist native to Coyoacan, Mexico. She is devoted to her path of curanderismo, traditional folk medicine practice, and is a student of the Amazonian Shipibo tradition through the Lopez Sanchez lineage of Peru. In this episode, Mariana discusses her journey back to her origin and how it has set the foundation for her learning from other ancestral cultures. She explains how she has worked to deepen her connection with Mother Earth and all of creation, and how she is devoted to being an ally and in service to the ancestral traditions. Mariana emphasizes the importance of healing our ancestry, integrating all parts of ourselves, and discovering our life's purpose. We explore the importance of relationship and reconnecting to our ancestral healing and the value of creating a web of common unity and understanding between all life. 

In This Episode: 

Mariana Mae | @easytobreathe

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