11 - Healing with Plants, a conversation with Mars, Dose of Diosa

“Plants do a beautiful job at helping to bridge the mind and body together”. - Mars

Mars, a dedicated folk herbalist and community builder, is deeply connected to her ancestral lineage and the earth-based healing traditions of Curanderismo. Inspired by her great-grandmother's wisdom, Mars embarked on a journey to rediscover the healing powers of plants and to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature. Through her personal experiences and extensive travels, she has gained invaluable insights into the mind-body healing potential of plant consciousness. With a mission to guide others toward a more profound connection with the natural world, Mars believes that understanding our surroundings helps us better understand ourselves, leading to profound healing and personal growth.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How tapping into the power of plant consciousness can enhance your overall well-being via deep healing and connection.
  • How to elevate your intuitive abilities and presence by nourishing your bond with the natural world.
  • The importance of understanding our roots and lineage as part of our healing journey, as well as the challenges faced by our ancestors, and how their resilience has allowed us to be here today. 
  • How we can support indigenous communities and learn from their wisdom by amplifying their voices, respecting their traditions, and acknowledging their resilience.


In This Episode:

Mars | @DoseOfDiosa | Dose of Diosa

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa


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