12 - Alyson Charles: A Journey into the Animal Kingdom

In this episode, Mariah welcomes bestselling author, Alyson Charles, to discuss the teachings and meanings of animal medicine. Together, they explore Alyson’s spiritual journey and dive into the depths of the medicines of jaguar, bear, frog, deer, vulture, owl, bat, and more. Alyson shares insights on how to connect with your animal totems and how to embrace the teachings they offer. The episode concludes with a powerful channeling from Alison, bringing in the medicine of the whale and the giraffe. This discussion provides a unique perspective on the animal kingdom and the vast wisdom that can be found within.


Learn how:

  • We can deepen our relationship with the animal kingdom through a cultivation of allyship with the animals
  • How to call upon the animals as allies, guides, and guardians  on our spiritual journey, and how to open ourselves to the right animal allies that we are needing in any unique chapter of our lives.
  • How to work with the animals that perhaps we’ve been conditioned to have fear around, such as the vulture, the snake, and the owl.
  • How to deepen a relationship with an animal totem that is appearing to you in dreams, daily life, or ceremony and discover the messages it has for you


In This Episode:

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