22 - Unlocking Healing & Balance: The World of Spiritual Diets with with Taita Juanito

In this episode, Mariah Gannessa welcomes Taita Juanito, an Ingano healer and teacher, to discuss the spiritual diet in the plant medicine culture. Delving into the purpose of the spiritual diet and how it allows for deep spiritual studies and guidance from visionary plants, Tiato shares his ancestral wisdom and culture. Taita Juanito and Mariah also explore the many ways to work with plants, such as baths, lotions, and teas. 

Taita highlights the importance of reverence and respect for plants and reconnecting with nature and how dietas can last for different durations, and depend on the individual's focus and the accessibility of plants. The episode concludes with an invitation to join a virtual dieta guided by Taita Juanito in September, where participants can dive deeper into spiritual studies and receive support. The virtual dieta includes teachings, plant baths, and a Yagé microdose tincture.

Suma Yuyai Dieta - September 1st-30th

-  A month-long virtually guided dieta with Taita Juanito in the comfort of your own home

In This Episode:
Taita Juanito  | Finca Ambiwasi | @taita.juanito

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

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