24 - Navigating Disaster: Lessons in Leadership & Resilience w/ Kale Kaalekahi

In this episode, Mariah welcomes Kale Kaalekahi, a spiritual activist, cultural innovator, and lineage carrier who has been demonstrating exceptional leadership during challenging times in Maui. Kale shares his diverse ancestral heritage and discusses his journey of learning about his culture. Emphasizing the deep relationship between humanity and the nurturing natural world, Mariah and Kale discuss the emergent quality of returning and reconnecting to our ancestral source.  The discussion also delves into the importance of learning where we come from to build a new earth and filling the gaps left by decolonization with love for the Earth. Covering the recent devastating events in Maui, the impact of the fire on the community, and the  need for unity and support, this episode addresses the importance of the grieving process, the consequences of suppressing grief, and what a new way forward for humanity can look like. 

In This Episode:

Kale Kaalekahi  | @kale.kaalekahi |@sacredsons |

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

Two options for to support families of Lahaina who lost their homes and loved ones: 
Maui fire relief! Food and supplies to families!

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