27 - Preserving Ancestral Medicines: The Xinachtli Project and the Creative Expression of Visionary Delfina Mun

In this episode, Mariah invites ceremonial artist and medicine woman Delfina Mun Akarâ Huitzilcuican on to the show for a rich and powerful conversation. Delfina is a visionary whose paintings and voice interweave expressing the healing, transformation and great mystery of praying with the sacred plants and animals of our Mother Earth. She shares her study of the ancestral voice in traditional ceremonies, with deep roots in her homeland, Puelmapu, and enhanced by her studies in the Amazon rainforest. 


Bringing the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle, where the north and south meet in one prayer, she highlights the importance of spiritual alliances, sharing her voice with reverence, remembrance and recultivation of ancestral tradition.

Mariah & Delfina talk a lot about creative expression, working with the sacred plants, and what it means to walk the medicine path with righteousness and reverence. Delfina is currently in the process of releasing her second musical album, and you’ll hear a lot about the recording process, as well as one of her new singles at the end of the show! Delfina is also the co-founder of Xinachtli, a beautiful nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Hikuri (peyote) in the southwestern United States and Mexico, and they discuss the importance of preserving ancestral medicines.

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