28 - Overcoming Addiction and Finding Redemption: Johnny Messner's Path to Recovery

In today's episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Johnny Messner, whose inspiring story traces his challenges with addiction, encounters with plant medicine, and an enlightening journey to recovery. We explore Johnny's life pre- and post-addiction, unpacking integral aspects like his adversities related to substance abuse, the wounds inflicted by adoption and childhood traumas, his voyage through the entertainment industry laden with tribulations, and his transformative journey at Rythmia Life Advancement Center. This episode delves into healing the power of plant medicine, the overcoming of generational trauma, the mirrors that our children give us as vehicles of self growth and transformation, and the evolution of Johnny from a participant to helper and student of the plant medicines. Featuring critical references to Dr. Jeff McNairy, Taita Juanito, and Mitra Politi, who significantly shaped Johnny's healing journey, this episode invites you to witness a powerful narrative of transformation, healing, and resilience.

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