3 - Unlocking The Healing Power Of Music & Sound with Nessi Gomes

In this conversation, Nessi Gomes shares her personal journey with music and sound as a tool for healing and spiritual growth. She explains how she discovered her passion for music during a difficult time in her life while struggling with mental health challenges. Writing poetry and connecting to her voice helped with the expression and transmutation of emotions, allowing her to connect with her body and spirit, leading to the exploration of music and voice therapy. This helped her to develop into the world renowned musician and vocalist that she is today.

Nessi’s own healing journey and passion for sonic alchemy led her to begin her Vocal Odyssey Musical program, a virtual and in person voice activation experience that walks people through the process of awakening their voice. Check out her upcoming Vocal Odyssey program coming up April 22nd-23rd.

In This Episode:

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