44 - Concept and Practice of Remineralization : Body nourishment with Sena Maria

A deep dive into the practices of remineralization and its essential role in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in the context of working with plant medicines. This episode covers the impact of modern diets and environmental factors on mineral depletion, the significance of a mineral-rich diet, and practical approaches for remineralization to support holistic healing. Both Mariah and Sina Maria offer insights into the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual aspects of health, and discuss strategies for navigating plant medicine practices in modern times, with an emphasis on nurturing the body's mineral balance for enhanced wellbeing.

Sena Maria supports women to embrace a nourished, resilient and radiantly healthy state. She uses Mineral Nutritional Balancing to rebuild our mineral heritage and get to the root of our health issues. She believes that we are only as healthy as our cells and by supporting our bodies ability to create energy and eliminate toxins efficiently, we can return to the simple, natural joy of being alive.


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