43 - Pathways to Purification: Jesse Jacoby on Biohacking, Detox, and Regeneration

This episode features a deep and enlightening conversation with Jesse Jacoby, founder of Soul Spire and author of 'The Raw Cure 2.0'. Jesse shares his journey of transformation through plant-based nutrition, detoxification, and purification practices. He emphasizes the importance of breath, ozone therapy, and embracing nature for healing and spiritual growth. The discussion also touches on topics like microbial dysbiosis, cultural dysbiosis, and the power of generational regeneration. This conversation is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their body and the planet.

Soulspire: The Healing Playground, is a biohacking and purification center in Sedona, AZ, and Sebastopol, CA. Jesse Jacoby works as a detoxification specialist, regeneration expert, kambo practitioner and ozone therapist. His new book, The Raw Cure 2.0 just came out. 


In This Episode:

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