5 - "Eli Rechtschaffen: From Grief To Living A Life of Color”

Eli is a dedicated student of life and has been on a healing path since a young age. His personal healing journey has been informed by grief, through the loss of his older brother, as well as a quest for physical healing, which ignited the fire within him to go out and search for the tools to heal himself.

His search led him to the Amazon Jungle to study with the Taitas of the Ingano and Siona tribes of Colombia. He found healing, reconciliation, and peace through his work with the ancestral plants. For the last decade, he has been supporting these tribes to share their healing work with the world.

This is episode 2 in a three week series on the culture of Yagé. We dive deep into a powerful conversation about how to live life with more grace, beauty, and presence.  We discuss the concepts of strengthening our spiritual fibers, staying calm in the midst of challenging circumstances, living a life of color, and other beautiful lessons we’ve received from the Taitas over the last decade. 


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