6 - Discovering The Simplicity Of An Authentic & Fulfilled Life with Leo Cordero

In this episode, we welcome Leo Cordero, a medicine brother and healer who has spent the last decade studying various modalities of healing, including Aruvedic sciences, shamanic healing, and the culture of Yagé. Leo's journey began in his thirties when he was living a comfortable but unfulfilled life. He stumbled upon different tools that were fundamental in his awakening process, taking him on a search for a deeper connection with life & what it means to live in totality. 

Leo shares his experience of studying and practicing different modalities of healing, starting with yoga and meditation and eventually progressing to Ayurveda, Transcendental Meditation, and shamanic practices. He never intended to become a healer, but in his own investigations and search for existential liberation, he arrived at a path of service, and it is from this place of selflessness and following the guidance of his heart that he has become a respected and powerful healer within his community. Leo also talks about the power of surrendering to life and being in the present moment, and what it truly means to live each instant moment as a gift from God. 

Leo's journey is a powerful reminder and call to action to value our lives, and from this place of acceptance, gratitude, and awe with Creation, true fulfillment comes. It’s also about the blessings that come when we give ourselves over to something greater than ourselves, and instead of overcomplicating things, let the spiritual path be in every thought, every action, and every breath.  

In This Episode:

Leo Cordero | @leocordero | Leo’s New Online Program THE DETOX | The Self-Healilng Journey Program | Free Meditation & Prayer Course 

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