32 - Unveiling the Truth About Western Medicine and Mental Health with Lucas Salame

In today’s captivating episode,  Mariah engages in a powerful conversation with guest Lucas Salame, who enthusiastically shares his transformative journey from a materialistic and ambitious mindset to a holistically heal-centered life. After exposing shortcomings of Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, Lucas reveals his profound experience with depression that ultimately led him towards seeking out alternatives such as healthier foods, meditation, and trauma healing. The discussions revolve around topics like addiction, the importance of self-acceptance, connecting with one's higher purposes, and finding something greater than ourselves. As Lucas reinforces, the path to healing involves discipline, introspection, and alignment with our greater purposes. The episode concludes on an inspiring note emphasizing the importance of embracing gratitude, healing wounds, and finding joy in the journey. Tune in for an authentic and inspirational exchange on personal healing, finding purpose, and embracing a more fulfilled life with Lucas.

In This Episode:

Lucas Salame | @lucas__salame
Check out Lucas’s podcast - The New Age Sage Podcast

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

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