33 - Trusting Inner Guidance: Following Your Soul's Calling w/ Lindsey WIse

In this heartfelt episode, we welcome Lindsey Wise, a mother and self-discovery advocate on a mission to cultivate community and unity in her home of Grass Valley, California. Delving into her journey as a mother of three, Lindsey opens up about incredibly profound experiences such as her near-death encounter during childbirth, and navigating health challenges with her children. The conversation steers towards significant issues like the initiation into motherhood, the crucial role of self-care, and the necessity to pursue one's passions. Lindsey brings to light the importance of trusting one's inner guidance, respecting our children's individual paths, and letting go of societal pressures. Additionally, she discusses her unique work with plant medicines, the life-altering impact of Vipassana meditation, and the empowering ability to transcend difficulties by holding space and radiating love. Join us for a beautiful conversation and tap into the vulnerability, wisdom, and inspiration that comes through this episode. 

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