35 - Nourishing Vitality: The Power of Spring Water with Chris & Warren from Alive Waters

In this episode, Mariah welcomes Chris and Warren, founders of Alive Waters and Find a Spring, to discuss the significance of spring water and their mission to help people gain access to pure, natural water sources. Highlighting the rich mineral and probiotic content of spring water crucial for our well-being, they underscore the importance of mending our relationship with water and safeguarding natural springs. The duo shares their inspiring journey of establishing Alive Waters and Find a Spring, detailing their efforts to expand outreach and educate individuals on the manifold benefits of spring water. Key takeaways include the vital role of spring water in nourishing our bodies, the dangers of tap water, the functionality of the nonprofit organization, Find a Spring's user-created database, the immediate impact of fresh spring water on vitality, and the transformative connection with nature and Earth's sustenance that springs offer. Tune in for insightful seeds of inspiration on water's profound role in our existence and the imperative to participate in the unfolding stories of the present moment.

In This Episode:

Chris Sanborn & Warren Hellerud - Alive Waters | @alivewaters | Find A Spring | @findaspring

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

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