34 - From Mormonism to Plant Medicine: Alex Patterson’s Inspiring Spiritual Journey

In this riveting episode, Mariah converses with the insightful Alex Patterson, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, who shares his fascinating life journey.  Alex's life took a transformative turn in 2013, when he was prompted to advocate for the legalization of hemp in his home state. He recounts the pivotal encounter with esteemed research scientist Roland Griffiths, exposing him to the intriguing world of psilocybin and plant medicine. The discussion touches on the importance of indigenous perspectives in the evolving landscape of psychedelics, the trials of blending the ancient wisdom of plant medicine into our modern society, and the growing demand for practiced professionals in the field of psychedelic therapy. Underlining the profound influence plant medicines have conferred on his self-development, relationships, and overall life quality, Alex's discourse provides valuable insights. Alex and Mariah further discuss the path to legal protection and freedom for use of yagé, Colombian Ayahuasca, The necessity for legal safeguards and the responsible use of these potent plant medicines for ensuing generations is also keenly emphasized. This episode emerges as an enlightening probe into the realms of plant medicine, spirituality, and the underlying interconnectedness of all life. Listeners can look forward to deep insights and fresh perspectives from Alex's incredible experiences and profound wisdom.

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