38 - The Sound of Creation with Snow Raven

We are thrilled to welcome Snow Raven to the Four Visions Podcast. Known for her unique vocal expression, Snow Raven Suor  is a mystic hailing from one of the most remote and frigid regions on Earth, the Republic of Sakha - Yakutia. From the age of three, she delved into the language of birds and animals, giving her voice a unique quality that draws from the wellspring of traditional Sakha culture. She is the originator of "arctic beatbox" – a technique that uses the breath of reindeer, and the visionary behind the OLOX ecosystem, where many beliefs converge into a common truth.

She discusses her journey, mission, experiences, and the wisdom of her people. She shares insights on telepathic connections, mental health, perceptions of reality, and the importance of indigenous wisdom in today's world. Enjoy an incredible episode that is sure to inspire and nourish your spiritual studies! 


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