39 - The Path of the Oracle with Isis Indriya

In this episode Mariah interviews Isis Indriya. Dedicated to a life of prayer, culture, and community building, Isis is an educator and founder of The Academy of Oracle Arts where she teaches many classes alongside other luminaries. She offers classes in Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, as well as a 9-month Apprenticeship program in Oracular Arts.

Self-discovery, ancestral lineage, prayer, and the power of transformation. The conversation delves into the importance of cultural roots, mutual respect, and the necessary balance between remembering ancient wisdom and embracing emergence in modern times. They also talk about their personal difficulties they had to overcome and how they have navigated through these experiences.


In This Episode:

Isis Indriya | @isis_indriya | @academy.of.oraclearts

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa


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