42 - Womb Wisdom Unveiled: Usha Anandi on Harmonizing with Nature's Cycles

In this enlightening episode, Mariah hosts Usha Anandi, a luminary in the realm of women's wellness and founder of Womben Wellness. Together, they traverse the significance of womb wisdom and its pivotal role in harmonizing with nature's cycles. Usha delves into her journey of transforming personal trials into a global mission of empowering women through ancient practices and modern science. The dialogue unfurls the beauty of cyclical living, offering profound insights on aligning one's lifestyle with intrinsic bodily rhythms for holistic well-being. This episode is a beacon for individuals at all stages of their journey to attune with the womb's potent wisdom.


In This Episode:

Usha Anandi | @Womben Wellness Deeply Nourished: Foods for the Premenstrual Phase

Mariah Gannessa | @mariahgannessa

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