41 - Embracing Indigenous Wisdom & Sacred Business Practices with Aluna Lua

In the latest episode of Four Visions, we are honored to host Aluna Lua, the dynamic founder and CEO of Ascension Arts. Lua, a versatile individual with roles ranging from performing art guest speaker to plant medicine integration coach, shares her profound journey and accrued wisdom. Born and raised in Brazil, she embarked on her spiritual and medicinal path at 19, offering a look into her experiences with the Santo Daime church, deep initiations with indigenous tribes in South America, and her mission to connect with these communities. A passionate advocate for sustainable wealth generation and living in sacred reciprocity with wisdom keepers, Aluna discusses her ventures in sacred business consultancy, creative direction, and branding. The conversation explores plant medicines,sharing experiences with Santa Maria (cannabis) and its potential for healing. Emphasizing the importance of reviving indigenous cultures, they discuss Lua's vision for creating direct contact opportunities between listeners and indigenous medicine practitioners. This illuminating discourse promises transformative content for those seeking to deepen their relationships with plant medicines and indigenous wisdom.


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