We are living in a sacred time, witnessing a great awaited return of the divine feminine. We pray for the restoration of balance and harmony upon this Earth, and for the Holy Masculine + Feminine Principle Energies of Creation to once again find their way back into holy union, for the benefit of all life.

Balancing Botanicals

to Align with the Feminine

Peaceful Plants Allies

to Access the Primordial Essence of the Mother

Munay Healing Lotion

Our special Munay Healing Lotion is made by Taita Juanito, a renowned healer and traditional Botanist from Putumayo, Colombia. This incredible floral water is made with special Amazonian flowers, roots, and seeds, designed to open your heart, and activate your connection to the Feminine. This lotion contains a master plant called chiricaspi, also known as chiric sanango. These magical purple flowers help to remove fear from our energetic aura, allowing us to step into the fullness of who we are destined to be. Made with a tremendous amount of love and prayers, specifically for women to find their empowerment and to activate their potential. This is also wonderful tool for men seeking to understand the feminine more profoundly, from a place of deep respect and honor for the sacred.


  • Opens the heart to the strength and power of true, unconditional love;

  • Removes blockages and anything standing in our way from accessing our fullest potential;

  • Cleanses the energetic body and offers a layer of protection to help strengthen your connection with Creation;

  • Helps us to remember our place within the greater design of all of Nature.


Divine Feminine Healing Lotion

Divine Feminine Healing Lotion is specifically formulated with feminine plants and a powerful intention to deepen one’s connection to the feminine, for this reason it’s an amazing ally for both men and women.

When using the sweet herbs of the woman, we invoke the spirit of the Great Mother and the Feminine Principle, whose qualities are unconditional love, compassion, grace, and kindness. This beautiful healing lotion is an essential tool for a woman during the menstrual cycle, as well as to activate and call forth the Divine Feminine to support in a specific study or healing work.


  • Connects us to Divine Feminine energy;

  • Assists in work on spiritual themes such as Mother Wound Healing and empowerment;

  • Activates the intuition and connection to the lunar energies;

  • Helps women attune more deeply to their feminine power and moon rhythms;

  • Brings equilibrium to feminine and masculine energies.


Plant Allies Agua de Florida Protection Lotion

Our Plant Allies Floral Water is hand made in prayer with several of Nature’s most powerful plant guardians, specially blended to offer spiritual protection and cleansing. Using plant lotions or floral waters is an incredible way to hold a deeper connection with the plants. As you apply this sacred liquid directly to the skin, the plants travel into your pores, dialoguing with your spiritual being, and activating your cosmic memory to balance and shift energy.

An incredible ally to call upon when you are needing the strength and the protection of the sacred plants. Once you try this Agua de Florida it will become a must-have in your spiritual toolkit!


  • Purifies, grounds, and offers protection;

  • Clears negative energies;

  • Strengthens your connection to the Natural world;

  • Elevates consciousness and activates inner wisdom;

  • Anchors your intentions and prayers.


Pristine Rose Hydrosol

Rose hydrosol is especially known for its therapeutic skin healing properties. Containing an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, rose water has superb emollient agents for moisturizing dry, sensitive, and mature skin. It offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne-prone skin, and anti-inflammatory properties that help address redness and inflammation.

Humanity has been deeply entwined with the rose for millennia, with cultivation having begun more than 5,000 years ago. Roses have long been symbolic of love, nobility, and sacrality. Four Visions’ organic Pristine Rose Hydrosol has a rich and heady aroma, reminiscent of lush blooms opening in the early summer. It is expertly crafted from handpicked petals of Rosa damascene using a water-steam distillation process. Suitable for cosmetic use, our formulation is wonderful to tone and refresh the skin.


  • Uplifts the energy of your space with the sweet aroma of the Mother ~ embodied by the holy divine rose;

  • Instantly connects you to the Divine Mother Energy;

  • Harmonizes the thoughts and opens the heart, a perfect opening for a prayer or meditation practice;

  • Refreshes and tones the skin;

  • Treats irritated skin and soothes rosacea.


White Sage Smudge Sticks

Our ethically sourced white sage is the perfect smudging tool to use in prayer and meditation. The best moments to call upon the cleansing power of sage are during full moons, lunar eclipses, new moons, and during a woman's menstrual cycle. Work with it to cleanse all the places and spaces in which you dwell.

The fresh herbal fragrance rejuvenates the mind and enhances mental clarity and memory. Known as the sacred plant of the divine feminine, this beautiful medicine is a must have for any woman desiring to reclaim her sovereignty and open to the divine mysteries of womanhood.


  • Purifies and cleanses;

  • Releases negative ions, which is linked to uplifted moods;

  • Clarifies and improves air, removing pet dander, pollution, dust, and mold.


CBD African Rose Body Butter

Our luxurious CBD infused African Rose Body Butter is blended with sweet rose and hemp essential oils. It is the perfect plant ally for aches and pains, as well as an extraordinary tool for massage therapy and general body moisturizing. We also suggest you work this body butter as a wonderful compliment to relax the system after a long night of spiritual work in ceremony.

With this tool, connect with the spirit of the Santa Maria, the feminine protector and guardian of creativity, divine inspiration, radiance, and flow.


  • Improves the skin texture and overall appearance with a blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents;

  • Treats skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and scarring;

  • Helps reduce both acute and chronic pain;

  • Soothes inflammation;

  • Eases menstrual cramps.


Gifts of the Mother
Guided Meditation

This month, we are honored to share a special meditation brought to us by a dear medicine sister, ally, and friend.

Lama Elizabeth Monson, PhD, is the Spiritual Co-Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship and the Managing Teacher at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in Springfield, NH. Liz was authorized as a dharma teacher and lineage holder in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism after over 30 years of studying, practicing, and teaching Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages. She is engaged in an ongoing exploration of the potential of combining Buddhist meditation and indigenous plant medicines and psychedelics as portals for accessing and resting in the natural state. Learn more about her work by visiting

This meditation will support you in deepening your connection with Mother Earth. Connecting deeper with Pachamama is one of the best ways to access the gifts of the feminine, for our Earth Mother is the perfected example of the Great Mother’s energies of all-pervading love, wisdom, and gentle nurturing. Enjoy!

Sacred Feminine Limited Edition Gift Sets

Mujer Divina Gift Set

Honor yourself or a loved one this May with an exquisite gift set filled with some of our favorite products to unleash the Divine Feminine. Our favorites for nourishing self care making it the perfect gift for a beloved woman in your life! This extra special collection has been hand picked by the Four Visions’ Team, with much love and appreciation for our Four Visions’ Family! xo

Enjoy 25% off this beautiful gift set throughout the month of May!
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  • 1 oz Sejé Oil Hair & Beauty Oil;
  • 2 oz CBD African Body Butter;
  • 2 oz Pristine Rose Hydrosol;
  • Women’s Vitality Tea;
  • Bundle of Sage.


Sacred Hapé Blends

to Unleash the Feminine Spirit

Ceremonial Cacaos

to Invoke the Feminine Virtues of Kindness, Unconditional Love, and Compassion

Did you know, many indigenous peoples regard the Cacao Spirit as a feminine force and associate her energy with the emotional body? Mama Cacao is said to hold the vibrations of the Divine Feminine, encouraging a loving connection with all humanity.

Nana Marina’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao

We are proud to be in partnership with Nana Marina, Guatemayan Elder & Guardian of Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Medicine. This is 100% pure ceremonial-grade cacao that has been grown, harvested, toasted, fermented, and packaged by Nana Marina and her team of Guatemayan natives.

Nana Marina is a beacon of hope in this world and a remarkable female Wisdom Keeper. We featured her holy cacao this month for those seeking to connect deeper with the Sacred Feminine through the spirit of Cacao - there is no better cacao to work with than this one. It carries her fierce prayer and vision for the restoration of peace on Earth. Drink this cacao with intention to open your heart and feel the power of Nana Marina's blessings.


Columbian Ceremonial Grade Cacao

We are blessed and humbled to carry this sacred cacao in our apothecary from the Arhuaco Tribe of Colombia. The Arhuaco Tribe are a wise people who steward a vision for the new Earth for humanity. They are a loving people who revere the Mother, and tend to the waters of Life with tremendous dedication and devotion. This particular cacao carries the powerful prayers and high vibration of these wisdom carriers.


Sacred Reciprocity

2024 Women’s Health Brigade in Putumayo, Columbia

Working in partnership with Magic Fund (Movement for Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures), Four Visions is sponsoring the first ever Women’s Health Brigade in the Putumayo region this year. This will be a multi day event where traditional midwives, grandmothers, and healers come together to offer health care services, education, and healing therapies to indigenous women throughout the region. We will also be sourcing much needed, ecological menstrual products as part of this important initiative. Our goal is to service over 200 women in the Ingano villages of Cundagua and Yungillo in 2024.

For the month of May, in the spirit of The Sacred Feminine, we are thrilled to announce a portion of all sale proceeds will go towards our sponsorship of this initiative. The desire to bring forth this initiative has been on our hearts and minds for a few years now, and we are thrilled to bring this vision to fruition this year!

We’d like to thank our Four Visions’ Family for helping this beautiful mission come to life through your purchases. You will also have the opportunity to make an additional donation at checkout!

Many Blessings, The Four Visions’ Team! xo

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