40 - Field Dynamics with Keith & Christabel

In this enlightening episode of the Four Visions Podcast, we explore the intricate world of energy healing with special guests Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden, co-founders of Field Dynamics. Established in 2018, Field Dynamics aims to bridge the ancient art of energy healing with the modern wellness landscape, emphasizing personal healing as a cornerstone for collective transformation. Listeners gain insight into Keith's and Christabel's individual healing journeys and learn about their serendipitous meeting that led to collaboration. Keith's expertise in the human energy field and contemplative science, along with his upcoming book, promises profound insights into our aura and consciousness. Simultaneously, Christabel's innate sensitivity to energy, proficiency in relational dynamics, and communication offer a unique perspective on incorporating energetic awareness into everyday life. This episode highlights the non-dogmatic approach of Field Dynamics, their in-depth training programs, and their focus on making energy healing universally accessible. The conversation delves into the synergistic blend of shamanic traditions and field dynamics, particularly regarding plant medicine, and its impact on our energetic understanding and spiritual practices. Exploring the role of energy healing in cultivating presence, the discussion pivots towards holistic health and the influence of mind, body, and spirit integration. Keith's upcoming publication is teased, aiming to further connect the dots between energy and the body-mind nexus. Join us as we tap into the transformative power of energy healing, the essence of presence, and the pursuit of harmony.

For those inspired by the episode, information on Field Dynamics' offerings and how to engage with their work is provided, all in service of fostering a space of integrity for personal and professional growth in the realm of energy work.


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In This Episode:

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